618 History of Wake Forest College
White, were not ordained until years after they left college. Two
became ministers in other denominations, J. C. Carlyle in the Meth-
odist and B. F. Marable in the Presbyterian Church. Of the graduates
of 1839 I have already spoken somewhat in detail; of those of later
years I now proceed to give the more significant facts.
A. A. Connella, 1840, went to Alabama and did pastoral work in
Marengo County.
John Lamb Prichard, who graduated with him in 1840, became one
of the most progressive and useful ministers of the denomination. In
1842 he was ordained as minister of the Danville, Virginia, Baptist
Church, and remained as its pastor for ten years. Then for three years
he was in Lynchburg. During his Danville pastorate, as a strong
advocate of education and missions, he did much to save the Baptist
churches of that section from Hardshellism. Coming to Wilmington in
1856 as pastor of the First Baptist Church he proved most
progressive, and led in the building of the present house of worship of
that church. In 1858 he became a Trustee of Wake Forest College. In
1862, when the yellow fever epidemic broke out in Wilmington, he
remained at this post and contracted the disease, and though he
recovered from it, yet his bodily strength was so diminished that he
endured only a short while longer, dying on November 13, 1862.
Rev. Archibald McDowell, was a native of the Marlboro District in
South Carolina. In his Junior year in college the Wake Forest Church
licensed him to preach, but he was not ordained until 1850. He spent
his life in the work of education of young women ; in 1848, he
became the first principal of the Chowan Baptist Female Institute, but
left in April, 1849, on account of the breaking out of a smallpox
epidemic among the students. He then taught in Raleigh and Milton.
He returned to the Chowan Institute as teacher of Science and
Mathematics in 1855, and became president of the Institution in 1862.
He held the place until his death, May 27, 1881.
William Thomas Walters came from Transylvania County, Vir-
ginia. He was a wise and able minister and did pioneer work for the
Baptists in Weldon and Littleton; until the War his principal
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