Ministerial II 621
He was ordained in 1860 and while he was an able preacher, he did
his chief work as an educator.
B. F. Marable a classmate of Emerson, came from Halifax County,
Virginia; after graduation he went to Clinton, North Carolina, and for
fifteen years was one of the ablest and wisest leaders among the
ministers of the Eastern (Union it was called then) Association. About
1870 he became a Presbyterian and served as a minister of that
communion in Goldsboro, Clayton and Clinton. In 1888 Davidson
College gave him the degree of Doctor of Divinity.
Graduating in this class was James A Pitchford of Warren. Before
the War he was a teacher and planter; but in the War he was a soldier
in the Twelfth North Carolina Infantry. After the War he again taught
for three years in Warren County; but in 1868 was ordained to the
ministry and served the Church at Littleton and other churches in that
In 1856 was graduated one of the ablest, most versatile, and most
influential men that North Carolina Baptists have known. This was
James Dunn Hufham, son of G. W. Hufham, of Duplin County. In the
year after his graduation he and B. F. Marable took charge of the
Warsaw High School, but, as we have seen, he gave up that work
within the year. He was ordained in 1857 and served churches in the
Union Association until May, 1861, when he became editor of the
Biblical Recorder. With strong denominational and patriotic
sympathies, and with independence of thought and clearness and
eloquence of expression, he proved a most acceptable editor of the
paper during the period of the Civil War. In 1865 he had his press
wrecked by some Union soldiers who were printers, and who visiting
his office smashed the presses and scattered the type, being maddened
by certain editorials they found in type. He continued as editor of the
paper, however, until 1867, when he resigned to take up the work of
minister of the Gospel. In this he served churches in Camden County
for two years. From 1870 to 1874 he was Corresponding Secretary of
the Mission Boards of the Baptist State Convention. From 1874 to
1876 he did pastoral work in Raleigh, and then, in 1877, went to
Scotland Neck, where
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