626 History of Wake Forest College
the years 1871 to 1876 he was pastor of the Franklin Square Baptist
Church in Baltimore. Relinquishing the active work of the ministry in
1876 he became a planter in Wayne County. In 1888 he was elected
State Auditor. The College conferred upon him the degree of Doctor
of Laws in 1891. He died in 1899.
In addition to those ministers in this group who were graduated
there were some forty others who took only partial courses in the
College, many for only a session or two, others for longer periods.
Some of these after leaving Wake Forest pursued their studies in other
colleges and were graduated from them. Of those who completed one
or more sessions at Wake Forest, but did not continue their college
work, were Alexander Doughan Blackwood of Orange County,
Benjamin G. Covington of Richmond County, Josiah J. Finch of New
Bern, James McDaniel of Fayetteville, Robert Alexander Moore of
Caswell, Josiah Bridges Solomon of Franklin, and John Alexander
William Thomas of Marlboro County, South Carolina. The following
were graduated from other institutions: Nicholas Addison Purefoy of
Wake, Thomas Edward Skinner of Perquimans, Joshua John James of
Halifax County, Virginia, John Lemuel Carroll of Duplin, and Mosey
Tyson Moye of Pitt, who became a minister of the Disciples Church.
Blackwood was at the College only one year, 1850-51, but became
a very able and useful minister, being a strong supporter of missions.
He served in succession churches in the counties of Montgomery,
Wake, Buncombe and Orange. For twenty years, 1858-78, he was
located at Cary. He died at Chapel Hill, March 2, 1888.
B. G. Covington was at college only one year, 1857-58, and he was
not ordained until 1861; he served churches in Montgomery and
Richmond Counties. In 1867-68 he was a student at the Southern
Baptist Theological Seminary ; later he was pastor at Kenansville and
Wadesboro and Monroe. In 1877 he transferred his labors to South
Carolina, serving churches at Fort Mills and Florence. He died
September 30, 1893, in his fifty-eighth year.
J. J. Finch, who was at Wake Forest in 1836-37, became one of the
ablest Baptist ministers in the State, serving as pastor the churches at
Edenton, New Bern and Raleigh. Coming to Raleigh
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