630 History of Wake Forest College
years, 1868-71, he was a member of the Board of Trustees of the
College, and for one year Secretary of that body. He died at Chapel
Hill, June 26, 1896.
One of the greatest and ablest of the friends of Wake Forest was
Thomas E. Skinner, who was a student here in the days of the
Institute, 1837-40. He was graduated from the University of North
Carolina in 1847. After three years of study in theological institutions
he was ordained to the Gospel ministry in May, 1854. He served
pastorates in several churches, at Hertford, Petersburg, Nashville,
Tennessee, Columbus, Georgia, Athens, Georgia, but his greatest
work was done in Raleigh, where he was pastor from 1855 to 1867,
and on a second pastorate beginning in 1879. He was the builder of
the stately house of worship of the Raleigh First Baptist Church, and
through his devoted service and wise and progressive leadership made
that church one of the most influential in the State. In the Civil War
he visited England to secure Bibles and Testaments for the Southern
people. Before his death he gave his excellent library, about 2,000
well selected books, to the College Library. He was a member of the
Board of Trustees from 1858-68, and again from 1880 until his death
in 1905, and President of that body for the years 1895 to 1903. He
died in April, 1905.
In the Confederate States Army W. R. Gwaltney, William Hill
Jordan, Jr., W. A. Vann, J. H. Yarborough, William B. Jones, Thomas
H. Pritchard, and J. A. W. Thomas, and J. K. Howell served as
chaplains ; J. A. Stradley, F. A. Belcher, W. Brunt, R. A. Moore, D.
N. Gore, A. J. Emerson, S. Gilmore, R. R. Moore, John Mitchell, J. B.
Richardson, and B. G. Covington served as missionaries and
In the General Catalogue are found the names of more than thirty
other students of the period before the Civil War who are classed as
ministers. Of most of them little is known but the record shows that
some of these did faithful and efficient work though in humble
station. Sufficient is told, however, to show how indispensable Wake
Forest College has been in furnishing the Baptists of the State with
trained ministers to serve as pastors and leaders in religious work. The
account as given above also suggests that
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