Ministerial II 631
the most important and valuable work of the College in this period
was the education of able young men of the denomination under
conditions favorable to their developing into proper ministers of the
Baptist people. Of those who afterwards served as ministers prboably
not as many as half came to Wake Forest with the ministry in mind;
but under the influences that prevailed in the College they were led to
devote their lives to this great service. Two thirds of the ministers of
this period who graduated were men who went through college
without the patronage of the Board of the Convention, and many of
them decided to preach only after having finished their college course.
Taking the group as a whole one will see that no other group of their
fellow students for those years in any way compares with them in
their influence and service to the denomination. Certainly in the first
twenty-eight years of its existence the greatest service of Wake Forest
was in this calling forth and educating ministers, with a training that
went much beyond the classroom, firmly grounding them in the faith,
and at the same time giving them charity towards those of other com-
munions, a progressive outlook and an aspiration for the best in
Christian life. These things they have imparted to the entire Baptist
people of North Carolina.
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