Of the 1087 students registered at the College before the suspension
in 1862 a full hundred became physicians, counting two or three who
died while pursuing their studies in medical colleges. Of these twenty-
six were registered before January 1, 1840, forty-three others before
January 1, 1850, and thirty-one others before January, 1862. Thirteen
of the number were graduated from Wake Forest College, one from
Brown University, one from the University of North Carolina, while
four others took partial courses in other institutions before taking up
their medical studies. Of those who did not graduate at Wake Forest,
forty-seven were registered in only one year, five of whom were of
those who took academic work at other academic institutions;
eighteen were registered in two years, eighteen in three years, three in
four years, and two in five years.
Of those generally classed as physicians the General Catalogue
records that fifty or more received the degree of Doctor of Medicine,
twenty of them at the University of Pennsylvania, four at Jefferson
Medical College, five others at some place in Philadelphia, probably
the University of Pennsylvania, eight at the Medical College of the
University of New York, nine at Charleston Medical College, three at
the Medical College of New Orleans, with one each at Harvard,
Cincinnati, Castleton, Vermont, and others at places unnamed. It is
probable that several others whose medical record is not indicated
also received the degrees. Furthermore, it is not improbable that the
number of physicians among the Wake Forest matriculates of this
period is considerably greater than is recorded in the General
Catalogue, which as was said above, gives no details for 182 students
of that period.1
1 It is interesting to note the preparation required at this time of students at the
University of Pennsylvania and other leading medical colleges of that day. Our
records reveal that a student might go from Wake Forest to any of these schools at
the end of his Freshman year, with only work in Latin,
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