642 History of Wake Forest College
young. To be mentioned here is Rufus Yancey McAden of Yancey
County, who had finished his work for a degree in the class of 1853,
but for the reason told in the footnote did not receive his diploma.2
Becoming a lawyer he practiced in the years before the War at
Yanceyville and Graham, going to the latter town in 1856. From 1862
to 1864 he was a member of the North Carolina Legislature and in
1866 he was the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Later he
made his home in Charlotte where he became a banker and a cotton
manufacturer. He died January 29, 1889.
There were none who became lawyers in the classes of 1854 and
1855, but two in the class of 1856. These were Thomas Jackson Foote
of Warren County, and Benjamin Franklin Simmons of Montgomery
County. Foote was licensed as a lawyer in 1858. In the Civil War he
was a soldier in the Twelfth North Carolina Infantry and made Acting
Adjutant of that regiment. He was mortally wounded in the battle of
Frazier's Farm and died a few days after, on June 30, 1862. Simmons
before the War moved to Arkansas, but with the opening of hostilities
came back to North Carolina, and entered the service in the Fifth
North Carolina Cavalry. After the War he located at Troy in his native
county. He died about 1912.
It was in 1861, before another who became a lawyer graduated
from Wake Forest College. This was Council Simmons Wooten, of
Lenoir County, of an old and distinguished family. The most of his
life he spent as a planter at Old Mosely Hall (LaGrange) where he
devoted his leisure to writing and reading. For six years he was a
lawyer with his office in Goldsboro; he was also a member of the
State Legislature, and on the Board of Directors of the Atlantic and
North Carolina Railroad. He was the last surviving member of his
class of notable men, dying in 1930.
While those who did only a year or two of their academic work in
Wake Forest College and afterwards graduated at other institutions
cannot be considered altogether as belonging to the College,
2 See sketch of Owen in another chapter.
In the General Catalogue the name of McAden is not found in the list of
graduates of 1853, but under his name is the notation: "A.B. 53, W. F. Col."
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