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yet the College can claim an interest in those who did the major part
of their work at Wake Forest and afterwards graduated in other
institutions. Among these was George Sears Stephenson, who was a
prominent student of Wake Forest during the years 1836-40, and who
later received his bachelor's degree at Brown University. He became a
lawyer in his native town of New Bern; he died in 1861. Another was
Patrick Henry Winston, who spending the years 1841-44 at Wake
Forest graduated at Columbian College in 1846, and as a lawyer
became prominent in the Civil War in the service of North Carolina as
Commissioner of Claims and Financial Agent between the State and
the Confederate Government. He was a member of the State
Convention of 1865. With more particular regard to his practice of
law, he settled in his native county, Bertie, at Windsor, and according
to his biographer, "he took rank almost at once at the head of his
profession, maintaining it for forty years in a bar that has rarely been
surpassed in the annals of the State."3
Another of this group was Willie Person Mangum of Hillsboro,
who was a student of the College in 1844-46. He graduated from the
University of North Carolina in 1848. In January, 1849, he was
appointed a Tutor in the College and held the place until January,
1850. From 1861 until his death on February 11, 1881, he was Consul
and Consular General to China and Japan. He was a strong friend of
Matthew Tyson Yates with whom he was in College at Wake Forest.4
3 Biographical History of North Carolina, II, 441 ff., sketch by R. W. Winston.
There is one statement in this excellent sketch in which the distinguished author,
though a son, is in error. It is this: "At the age of eighteen he left home and entered
Wake Forest College, where in one year he accomplished the work of three, passing
up rapidly from one class to another." The records of the College show that P. H.
Winston registered for the fall session of 184142 on August 2, 1841; for the spring
session on January 11, 1842; and that he registered for the fall session of 1843-44
on September 20, 1843; and for the spring session on January 10, 1844, and that he
left on March 2, 1844. The records of grades show that he was credited for the work
of 1841-42 and of 1843-44, and of these years alone.
4 The list of Wake Forest students who got their degrees from other institutions
and became lawyers is: Benjamin Franklin Atkins, Cumberland County, 1843-45,
A.B. University of North Carolina; David Miller Carter, Hyde County, 1843-44,
A.B., 1851, University of North Carolina; David Miller Carter, Hyde
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