646 History of Wake Forest College
Being called to Wake Forest College in 1859, he remained until the
opening of the War, when he entered the Confederate States Army, as
Captain of Company I, First Infantry. Later he was assistant Adjutant
General on the staff of Governor Vance. Of his work in the College
an account will be found elsewhere. After the War he taught in
Warrenton, and Raleigh and in 1872 moved to Wilkes County and
settled at Roaring River. He was a member of the State Legislature
and also Assistant United States Marshal. He died February 27, 1909.
His son, Dr. Ovid C. Foote, Surgeon and Commander in the United
States Navy in the Great War, graduated from the College in 1908.
Thomas Slade of the class of 1853 first taught at Trinity Academy
in the Beulah Association, but soon moved to Alabama and taught in
Marion and Macon counties. His home was at Lenox Castle.
In the class of 1854 were found three educators, Rufus Pickney
Jones of Wake County, John Haymes Mills of Halifax County,
Virginia, and Thomas Henderson Pritchard of Davie County. The
work of Pritchard as agent of the College has already been told of in
this work; of his later work as a president and Trustee an account will
be given in another chapter. Of the other two some account follows:
Rufus P. Jones was the son of Elder William Jones, of Wake Forest,
a member of the first graduating class of the College. As was told
above he became the first principal of the Mount Vernon male
Seminary, and remained in that position until 1859, when he moved to
Arkansas. He returned to North Carolina in 1898 as principal of the
Goldston Academy, but remained only one year. 1
John Haymes Mills may be regarded as one of the greatest among
the alumni of the College. He was born July 9,1831; entered Wake
Forest College in 1851, and graduated in 1854. In 1855, after a year at
Milton, he became a teacher in the Oxford Female College, and in
1858 purchased it, and insisted on running it without the
1 T. H. Pritchard, Wake Forest Student, XI, 225. His wife was Amanda, eldest
daughter of Rev. James
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