Teachers, Planters, and Others 647
help of a board of Trustees.2 In this work he continued until 1866,
when he sold the College and moved his school to the building of the
expiring St. Johns College. Late in 1867 he gave up this work, and
purchased the Biblical Recorder of which he was editor for six years.
The remainder of his active life was devoted to orphanage work, first,
from 1873 to 1884 in the Masonic Orphanage at Oxford, and then,
1886-1895, at the Baptist Orphanage, now the Mills Home, at
Thomasville. Such was the interest of Mills in this work and such his
ability and success in instituting it and rallying others to its support
that he is regarded as the father of the orphanage work in North
Carolina. He was interested also in orphanage work in other States
and made the first contribution for the building of the Virginia Baptist
Orphanage at Salem. He died December 15,1898.
Among the graduates in the class of 1855 who devoted their lives
for the most part to teaching were Andrew Jackson Emerson of
Chatham County, Philip Washington Johnson of Surry County, John
Calhoun Pitchford and Robert T. Pitchford of Warren County, and
Robert W. Trawick of Wake County.
Of Emerson an account has already been given under the head of
"Preachers." He lived to extreme old age and died in Denver,
P. W. Johnson taught for twenty-two years, from 1856 to 1877, in
Alabama, and for five years, 1877 to 1882 in Georgia. He spent his
last years at Wake Forest, much respected and beloved. "His life was
a continuous example of the good." He died January 28, 1902.
John Calhoun Pitchford, Robert T. Pitchford, and James A.
Pitchford, all graduating in 1855, were the three sons of Dr. Thomas
J. Pitchford of Warrenton, who was a Trustee of the College from
1850 until his death in 1867. All three became teachers, but James
soon turned to other pursuits and later became a minister as is told in
the section on "Preachers." Robert T. after teaching in Kinston in the
years, 1856-58, went to Alabama and taught there until the Civil War,
when he entered the Con-
2 Biblical Recorder, November 29,
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