648 History of Wake Forest College
federate States Army. He was mortally wounded in 1865 in the last
assault on Petersburg. John C. was successively teacher, planter and
merchant in North Carolina. During the War he was with his brother
Robert in Pogue's Mississippi Battalion of Flying Artillery, but his
life was spared. After the War he settled in Shocco, Mississippi,
where he has attained a ripe old age. William Robert Trawick went to
Arkansas after his graduation, and from 1856 to 1861 he was
principal of a high school at Monticello in that State. From 1861 to
1863 he was a colporter in the Army. He died at Wilmington, North
Carolina, in October, 1863.
Of the class of 1857 Moses Baldwin was nearly as much engaged in
the classroom as in the pulpit, and B. F. Cole, is known only as a tutor
of the College in the short period that he survived after his graduation.
Some account of both may be found under the sections on
Three of the class of 1857 are classed as teachers. These are Joseph
Dozier Boushall of Camden County, of whose work and heroic death
some account may be found in the story of the Reynolds on-Chowan
Institute; John Clayton Devin of Henry County, Virginia, who
afterwards taught in Virginia, served in the Confederate States Army,
and after the War settled in Brooklyn, Virginia; and Hardiman Dunn
Fowler, of Rolesville, near Wake Forest. He taught before the War in
Wake County, and after the War in Arkansas. He was in Jackson's
Corps in the Confederate States Army. He is now, 1935, living in
Duarte, California at the advanced age of more than 103 years.
In the class of 1858 there was none who turned to teaching, but in
the class of 1859 were five, Thomas Deans Boone of Northampton
County, William Carey Parker of Hertford County, and James Machet
Taylor, Gates County, James McDaniel White of Chatham County,
and Anthony Edmund Rhodes of Jones County. In the Civil War
Boone was captain of Company F, First North Carolina Infantry. He
had previously taught a year in Warren County, Mississippi, and after
the War he taught in the years 1865-72 in Hertford County. In 1886
he was elected Clerk of Superior Court for that County. Parker was
also a soldier in the
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