Teachers, Planters, and Others 651
addition to these six became professors in Wake Forest. These were
William Tell Brooks, William Thomas Walters, James Henry Foote,
William Gaston Simmons, Luther Rice Mills and William Bailey
Nearly all the graduates of the College before the suspension in
1862 have been grouped in the classes of ministers, physicians,
lawyers, and teachers. Of the others, some fifteen, more than half, are
classed in the General Catalogue as planters. These in the order of
their graduation are Thomas Henry Williams, New Hanover County,
1843, who died in Pender County on June 18, 1858; Frederick
Campbell Bryan of Jones County, who died about 1866; Priestly
Hinton Mangum, 1851, Hillsboro, inventor of the celebrated
"Mangum Terrace," whose fine farm was on the ridge opposite the
College to the north; Benjamin Franklin Biddle of Craven County,
1852, who died in 1863; James Bond of Bertie County, 1852;
Nicholas Dixon Fennell, New Hanover County, 1853, who died in
Alabama, September 20, 1863; William Junius Bishop, of Bertie
County, a soldier in the Confederate States Army, who died in 1889;
Benjamin Franklin Hester, of Granville County, 1858, who died
February 7, 1926; James Kelba Lassiter of Sampson County, 1858;
James Washington Mitchell of Bertie County, 1858, a soldier in the
Confederate States Army; Thomas J. Pitchford of Warren County,
1858, who though sometimes a teacher, was chiefly engaged in
farming; he was also a soldier in the Confederate States Army;
George A. Graves of Yanceyville, 1859, a
captain in the fifty-sixth North Carolina Infantry, and later a
tobacconist at Danville, Virginia; William Raleigh Lindsay,
Rockingham County, 1861, a soldier, and later a journalist at Madison
as well as a planter; and David Dowd Gill, 1862, of Wake County.
Of the remainder of the alumni, the occupation of Jonathan
Merriam, Fremont, Illinois, 1847, is not given in the General
Catalogue; nor is that of Rufus Charles Meachum, Anson County,
1849; nor that of Robert Hayne Burn, Cheraw, South Carolina,
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