652 History of Wake Forest College
1849; nor that of John H. C. Jones, Pickens County, Alabama, 1859.
William Hayes Owen, Summerville, Tennessee, 1851, became a
merchant; Joseph John Williams, Pitt County, 1854, was Probate
Judge of Pitt County; moving to South Carolina soon after the War he
was a member of the State Legislature for several sessions; he died in
1889.5 Frederick Marion Purefoy, Wake Forest, 1856, was a merchant
and planter and the keeper of the Wake Forest Hotel for many years.
Failing in the mercantile business late in life, he repaired his fortune
by truck farming; he died in 1914. Charles Stephens Ellis, New
Hanover County, 1857, was a regimental quartermaster in the Civil
War; he made his occupation merchandising and the turpentine
business, first at Wilmington and then at Savannah. Peter P. Parker,
Hertford County, 1859, after serving in the Confederate States Army,
became an accountant in New York City and in Norfolk.
The following alumni of this group gave their lives in the service of
their State in the Civil War: Charles Wilmot Egerton, Franklin
County, 1856;6 John G. Jones, Person County, Colonel of the Thirty-
fifth North Carolina Infantry, and promoted to Brigadier General,
killed in battle of Petersburg, June 17, 1864; Thomas Tinsely Lawson,
Rockingham County, 1862, Captain, Company D, Thirteenth Infantry,
died in army hospital, February 2, 1864.
Several of those already mentioned might be classed also as editors.
James W. Hoskins was editor of the Alabama Baptist from 1845; J. J.
James, was editor of the Biblical Recorder from 1854 to 1861; J. D.
Hufham from 1861 to 1867; W. T. Walters for a few months in the
fall of 1867; J. H. Mills from January, 1868, to 1872; while for
several years in and following the Civil War W. M. Wingate was
associate editor of the same paper. After 1875 T. H. Pritchard also
was associate editor.
5 Pritchard, Wake Forest Student, XI, 224 f.
6 Egerton died of fever, Hufham, Wake Forest Student, XXVIII, 340.
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