656 History of Wake Forest College
perfect records of the General Catalogue of Wake Forest College, in
preparing which the compiler was unable to obtain information about
182 of the 1087 students who registered in the Institution before it
closed for the War, credits service in the Confederate army to 302.
Some of these were in the regements of other States than North
Carolina. The following facts are interesting: Number of students
enrolled before May, 1862, 1087; of these 139 were from other
States―from South Carolina 63; Virginia, 43; Alabama, 9;
Tennessee, 6; Mississippi, 6; Florida 3; Kentucky 2; one each from
New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
England, China. Number registered after institution became College
in 1839, 873. Before the Civil War 127 had moved from the State, of
whom 14 were reported as dead before 1862; of those who remained
in North Carolina 72 were reported as dead before 1862, making the
total number reported dead 86. This leaves 1001 supposed to be
living, but of these we have no information about 182, leaving 819 of
whom the General Catalogue gives some information, but often
incomplete. The number of ministers of the Gospel was about 105.
Thus it seems as if the number of living former students of the
College at the opening of the Civil War of whom we have information
who were possibly subject to military duty was 714. Of many of these
we know only that they had moved from the State; those in North
Carolina of whom anything is known with the exception of ministers
of the Gospel being a full hundred less, probably not more than 600.
Of the living students of the College in the years 1834-62, who
remained in North Carolina, it is probable that nearly fifty per cent
were in the Confederate Army.
Of the 119 alumni of the College graduating from 1839 to 1862
fifty-three of whom only 110 were living in 1861, were in the military
or naval service of the Confederacy, a large proportion considering
the fact that forty-one of the 119 were ministers of the Gospel.
In the course of the war sixty-seven of the enlisted Wake Forest
men lost their lives, thirty-five being killed in battle or dying from
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