Wake Forest Men in War 657
their wounds and thirty-two dying of disease, more than twenty-two
per cent of the whole. Those who were killed or mortally wounded in
battle were : Lawrence Richard Anderson, Pitt County, 1842-43,
Captain 44th N. C. Infantry, killed May, 1864, at Cold Harbor while
in command of the regiment; Joseph Benjamin Barrett, Pitt County,
1853-54, killed at Sharpsburg; Luther Rice Bell, Oxford, 1857-58,
killed 1862, battle of Malvern Hill; Francis Wilder Bird, Bertie
County, 1847-48, Lieut. Col. 11th N. C. Infantry, killed in battle of
Reams' Station; Joseph Dozier Boushall, Camden Co., A.B. 1857,
Lieut. 43rd N. C. Inf., killed 1863 at Battle of Chancellorsville;
Thomas O. Carroll, New Hanover Co., 1855-57, killed April, 1865,
near Appomattox, in last battle before the Surrender; John Samuel
Chambers, 1847-50, Lieut., killed in battle; Clingman Craig, Bertie
Co., 1857-59, killed in battle of Gettysburg, July, 1863; Larkin J.
Curtis, Wilkes Co., 1860-61, 1st Lieut. 1st N. C. Inf,. killed in battle
of Spottsylvania C. H.; Alonzo Timothy Dargan, Darlington District,
S. C., 1856-58, Lieut. Col. 21st S. C. Inf., killed in battle, Petersburg,
May 9, 1864; Thomas DeVane, New Hanover Co., 1854-55, detailed
for coast defence, killed 1865; William Wells Fennell, New Hanover
Co., 1852-53, killed at Malvern Hill, 1862; J. William Fleming,
Greene Co., Ala., 1856-59, Staff of General Gunning, killed in battle
of Baker's Creek, 1863; Thomas Jackson Foote, Warren Co., 1853-56,
Acting Adj. 12th N. C. Inf., killed Frazier's Farm, June, 1862; Lucius
Junius Gaines, Petersburg, Va., 1845-47, Captain and Assistant Adj.
General of General McCulloch, killed in battle of Moscow, Tenn.,
December 4, 1863; William R. Hodge, Wake County, 1859-60, killed
in battle near Richmond, 1862; William James Houston, Duplin
County, 1847-49, Captain Co. I, 1st N. C. Inf., killed in battle, 1863;
William McAden Howard, Caswell County, 1856-58, killed in battle
of Wilderness, May 5, 1864; John G. Jones, A.B., 1862, Brig.
General, killed in battle, June 17, 1864, Petersburg; Duncan Garrett
McRae, Montgomery Co., 1858-59, killed in battle in 1863; Henry
Walter Montague, Wake Co., 1858-61, killed at White's Store, Aug.
16,1864; George Thomas Morgan, Gates Co., 1850-51, killed in
battle; Robert T. Pitchford, Warren Co., A.B., 1855,
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