Wake Forest Men in War 659
Thomas Michael Lane, Marion District, S. C., 1847-48, captured in
battle of Missionary Ridge; it is supposed that he died in Federal
hospital soon after; William R. Larkins, New Hanover Co., A.B.
1860, died 1864; Joseph Bell Lasater, Chatham Co., 1849-50, died in
1861 soon after the battle of Manassas; Thomas Tinsley Lawson,
Rockingham Co., Capt. Co. D, 13th N. C. Inf., Died Feb. 24, 1864, in
army hospital, Orange C. H., Va. ; D. C. McGougan, Robeson Co.,
died Jan. 12, 1862, while at home on furlough; David Atlas Patterson,
Orange Co., died 1865, in army hospital; Corydon Perry, Franklin
Co., 1851-60, died June 2, 1862; Edward L. Richardson, Johnston
Co., 1857-60, died in military service, 1864; Elbert B. Salmons,
Wilkes Co., 1859-61, died in Raleigh, June 18, 1862; William Gray
Strickland, Jr., Wake Co., 1853-54, died in 1864; David Evans
Thomas, Marlborough District, S. C., Capt. Ala. Inf., died Aug. 7,
1862; James Maxey Timmons, Darlington District, S. C., 1849-50,
Capt., died in service near Little Rock, Ark., 1862; John Morgan
Timmons, Darlington District, S. C., 1850-51, 1st Lieut., died 1863;
James Iver Toon, Columbus Co., 1861-62, drowned Aug. 4, 1862 in
Cape Fear river ; William Robert Trawick, Wake Co., A.B. 1855,
colporter, died October, 1863; John Tapley Trice, Orange Co., 1835-
36, Mississippi, died 1863; William A. Vann, Hertford Co., 1860-61,
chaplain, died in army hospital, Lynchburg, 1864; Thomas T. Walker,
Person Co., 185558, died about 1864; James E. Watson, Chatham
Co., 1854-55, died July 9, 1862; L. O. Wilcox, Halifax Co., 1850-60,
died May, 1862.
About 130 of the Wake Forest men who were in the service of the
Confederacy as soldiers were commissioned officers. The General
Catalogue names twenty-six who rose to the rank of Lieutenant and
no higher; forty-one others whose highest rank was that of Captain,
and seven Majors, eight Lieutenant Colonels, four Colonels, and four
Brigadier Generals. In addition there were ten or twelve Adjutants,
one artillery officer; one quartermaster, and one signal service officer,
twenty-two surgeons, nine chaplains.
Those classed as Brigadier Generals in the General Catalogue
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