The Fight for the Charter 59
now the consideration of the Greensboro Academy bill, which passed
both houses by fair majorities, we find that after the Wake Forest bill
was reported it was further amended and passed the House on its
second reading by a vote of 91 to
For reasons not stated, on December 1, the bill was recommitted to
the Committee on Education. On December 18 this committee
reported the bill the second time with the recommendation that it be
passed as originally
After the defeat by a vote of 32 to 90
of a motion of Mr. David Settle of Rockingham that further
consideration of the bill be indefinitely postponed it was passed on its
third reading and ordered
In the Senate the bill to incorporate the Institute found much more
formidable opposition. Certain Senators seemed to fear that the
Institute might depart from its proper work, and such restrictive
phrases were added as, "for the purpose of educat-
thrones of tyrants-shed human blood by river fulls-and without a doubt have had a
hand in all the intrigues, treasons, gun-powder plots, etc., etc., that the sun has ever
shone upon!-And these enemies of all righteousness, it seems, abound in our own
State, and in the very midst of us ! Aye, and under our very noses, they are hatching
their wickedness and plotting our destruction-setting their snares to entrap our
liberties, making their bags to hold our money, and whetting their knives to cut our
Those who voted in the affirmative were Messrs. R. H. Alexander, Barco,
Barringer, Battle, Blackman, Brandon, Brower, Burgin, Calvert, Cansler, Carter,
Clement, Coleman, Corpening, Cotten, Courts, Daniel, Dawson, Ennett, Fisher,
Gillespie, Graham, Grier, Guinn, Hardee, Hardison, Hargrove, Haughton, Henry,
W. Horton, Irion, Irvine, J. B. Jones, Wm. Jones, Wesley Jones, J. D. Jones,
Kennedy, King, Kittrell, Latham, Leonard, Lilly, Locke, Lyon, Macklin, Malloy,
Marsteller, Martin, Mixon, Moore, Monk, Montgomery, Mullen, Murray, M'Cleese,
M'Geehe, W. M'Lean, M'Leod, M'Neill, Outlaw, Peeples, Phelps, Poindexter, W.
Potts, Powell, Rand, Register, Relfe, Roberts, Riddick, Saunderson, Seawell,
Shepard, Sloan, Smallwood, J. L. Smith, C. Smith, Stephens, Tatham, Thomas,
Thompson, Tillett, Watson, Waugh, Weaver, Welch, Willey, Whitehurst, Wilson,
Wyche, Ziglar. Yeas 91.
Those who voted in the negative were Messrs. G. H. Alexander, Allen, Allison,
Boddie, Brown, Bynum, Cherry, Cloman, Cromwell, Dodson, Edmonston,
Foreman, Foscue, Grady, Hammond, Harper, Hawkins, J. Horton, Houlder, Jasper,
R. Jones, Judkins, Ledford Leffers, Long, Pierse, J. W. Potts, Pugh, Raper, Settle,
Smithwick, Stockard, Taylor, Wadsworth, Williams, Wiseman. Nays 36. House
Journal, 1833-34, p. 178.
House Journal, 1833-34, p. 167; Legislative Documents. Coon, Public Edu-
cation in North Carolina, p. 664 f.
11 House Journal, 1833-34, p. 191 f.
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