664 History of Wake Forest College
1847-48, Home Guards ; William Martin Pickett, Anson County,
1848-49;13 David A. Settle, Rockingham County, 1856-57, 13th N. C.
In addition to those who rose to higher ranks after holding the
office of Major the following other Wake Forest men attained that
rank: Thomas Covington Dockery, Richmond County, 1841-46, 22nd
Mississippi Regiment; James Graham Kenan, Duplin County, 1853-
54, B.A., University of North Carolina, 1861, 43rd N. C. Infantry ;14
Thomas McGhee Smith, Caswell County, 1850-51, 45th North
Carolina Regiment, killed at the battle of Cold Harbor, June 3, 1864;
Robert Guilford Lewis, Franklin County, 1847-48, Assistant
Paymaster in the Pay Department of North Carolina; James H. Foote,
Iredell County, 1849-52, a Captain in the 1st North Carolina Infantry,
who in 1862 became Adjutant General, and probably owes his rank to
his tenure of that office under Governor Vance.15 Perhaps the same
rank belongs to Charles Stephen Ellis, New Hanover County, 1849-
50, 1853-57, who was in the Quartermaster Department of the First
North Carolina Heavy Artillery.
Among the Wake Forest men in the Confederate States Army were
several who were rated as Adjutants. These were: Thomas H. Allen,
Craven County, 1853-54, Tenth North Carolina Artillery ; William
Erastus Cannady, Granville County, 1855-58, who before the War
had been a student of the United States Military Academy at West
Point, and in the war as Assistant Adjutant General to General L. O'B.
Branch, but died in 1862; Charles- M. Cooke, Franklin County, 1860-
61, 55th North Carolina Infantry; Edwin Keith Dargan, Darlington
District, South Carolina, 1856-57,
himself in mid-stream just below the line of march, rescued several of the brave lads
from inevitable death." North Carolina Regiments, IV, 61.
13 Pickett's name is not found in the index to North Carolina Regiments, but he is
said to have been a Lieutenant Colonel in the General Catalogue, and possibly
served in a South Carolina regiment.
14 In the General Catalogue Kenan is said to have been a Major, but there is no
record of it in North Carolina Regiments.
15 "In 1862 this department of the Adjutant-General's office was established.
Major James H. Foote was appointed to manage it. The object was to secure a
history of each soldier furnished by the State and have it arranged by companies and
regiments." Regimental Histories, I, 52.
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