Wake Forest Men in War 665
Pegram's Artillery; J. William Fleming, Greene County, Alabama,
Staff of General Cumming; Thomas Jackson Foote, Warren County,
Acting Adjutant 12th Infantry, mortally wounded 1862; George Reed
French, Jr., Wilmington, 1859-61, Adjustant General's office; Lucis
Junius Gaines, 1845-47, Assistant Adjutant General of General
McCulloch, killed in battle, December 4, 1863; Albert Burren Gorrell,
Forsyth County, 1858-59, 57th North Carolina Infantry; T. F. Powell,
Richmond Co., 1859-61, "Staff of Gen. Jubal Early."
The Captains were : Lawrence Richard Anderson, Pitt Co., 1842-
43, 44th N. C. Inf. killed May 1864, Cold Harbor; William Gaston
Baldwin, Columbus County, 1856-58,20th N. C. Inf. ; Samuel Simp-
son Biddle, Craven County, 1855-61, 1st N. C. Cavalry; George
Washington Blount, Nash County, 1853-56, Capt. and Q. M., 55th N.
C. Inf. ; Thomas Deans Boone, Northampton County, 1855-59, 1st N.
C. Inf.; Benjamin Moseley Collins, Warren Co., 12th N. C. Inf. ;
Thomas James Crocker, Wake Co., 43rd N. C. Inf.; David Sylvester
Davis, Hyde Co., 1855-57, "Captain in C. S. An," died 1864; James
C. Dockery, Richmond Co., 1834-37, "Capt. in Miss. Regt. C. S. Ar.";
William Henry Dunlap, Kershaw District, S. C., 1853-54, "Capt. in C.
S. Ar."; William Turner Faircloth, Edgecombe Co., 1849-54, Captain
and Q. M., 2nd N. C. Inf. ; James H. Foote, Iredell Co., 1849-52, 1st
N. C. Inf.; Hardiman Dunn Fowler, Wake County, 1853-57, 1st N. C.
Inf. ; William Rufus Gaines, Petersburg, Va., 1845-47, "Capt. of Inf.
C. S. Ar."; George A. Graves, Yanceyville, 1856-59, 56th N. C. Inf.;
William James Houston, Duplin Co., 1st N. C. Cav., killed in battle
1863; Benjamin Wiley Justice, Wake County, 1841-50, "Lieut, and
Capt. 47th N. C. Inf." ("Promoted to A. C. S. of Regiment" from
Lieut. (Roster of North Carolina Troops"); John Randolph Kelly,
Columbus Co., 1855-60, "Bapt. Min., Capt. Co. 51st N. C. Inf.,"
died March 28, 1864; Thomas Tinsley Lawson, Rockingham Co.,
1856-60, 13th N. C. Inf., died Feb. 24, 1864, "having recently married
and carried his wife with him to camp," (N. C. Regiments) ; John
Dickson Love, New Hanover County, 1836-37, "Capt. 7th
N. C. Inf., C. S. Ar." (not in N. C. Regiments.); D. G. McRae, 38th
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