666 History of Wake Forest College
N. C. Inf., killed May 3, 1863, Chancellorsville; Nathan Matthew-
son, (S. M. Ingram, W. F. Student, 13, 194.) Richard Marshall Nelson,
U. S. Mil. Acad. West Point, Capt. of Ordinance; William S.
Norment, Robeson Co., 1852-53, 18th N. C. Inf.; William P. Oldham,
Orange Co., 1855-58, 44th N. C. Inf.; James Francis Oliver, Duplin
Co., 1850-52, "Capt. in C. S. Ar." (Not in N. C. Regt.); Abram
Winbish Poindexter, Richmond, Va., 1857-60, 26th Va. Inf.; Andrew
Jackson Pollock, Kinston, 1858-59, "55th N. C. Inf."; Oliver Hazard
Perry Prince, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1834=35, killed by cannon ball in
battle of Chickamauga, 1863; Joseph C. Richardson, Johnston Co.,
1857-61, 53rd N. C. Inf.; George Washington Sanderlin, Elizabeth
City, 1858-61, 33rd N. C. Inf. ; Lycurgus Walton Scurlock, Jackson
Co., Fla., 1840-43, 5th Fla. Cavalry; Henry Andrew Taylor, Nash Co.,
1852-53, "Capt. C. S. Ar.," (Not in N. C. Regiments); James Matchet
Taylor, Gates County, 1854-59, 5th N. C. Inf., Commanding the
regiment at Lee's Surrender; David Evans Thomas, "Capt. Ala.
Infantry."; John Alex. Wm. Thomas, Marlborough Dist., S. C. 1840-
41, 21st S. C. Inf.; James Maxey Timmons, Darlington Dist., S. C.,
"Capt. in C. S. Ar., died in service near Little Rock, Ark., 1862;
Joseph Boykin Underwood, Sampson County, 1857-58; 51st N. C.
Inf.; Joseph Calhoun Whitted, Jones Co., 1841-42, 31st N. C. Inf. (the
name is given as Joseph Whitty in N. C. Regiments); Edward Goelet
Wooten, Lenoir Va., 1858-61, "Capt. Co. C, 27th N. C. Inf." (See also
Roster of N. C. Troops; N. C. Regiments seems to be in error in regard
to this.)
A list of the chaplains, colporters and missionaries is to be found in
the second chapter on "Ministers." Dr. William Royall of the College
faculty, served for a few months as chaplain of the 55th N. C.
Infantry, while President Wingate preached as an evangelist in the
For some account of the surgeons the reader is referred to the
section on "Physicians," above.
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