64 History of Wake Forest College
V. Be it further enacted, That the provisions of said act shall
continue in force twenty years and no longer.
In this charter, as Dr. Sikes has remarked,16 there was nothing
dangerous; its powers were meager and did not even authorize the
granting of degrees; the amount of real and personal property allowed
the Institute was limited to fifty thousand dollars, while all the real
estate belonging to the corporation was subject to taxation as other
real estate. And as a last ugly provision it was stipulated, "That the
provisions of this act shall continue in force twenty years and no
longer." It is hardly any wonder that the Board of Trustees at their
first meeting agreed to accept it only after long discussion and
But the hostility manifested against this new enterprise
of the Baptists aroused among them a keener enthusiasm and caused
them to rally to the support of the school.18
16 Ibid.
Minutes of the Board of Trustees for 1834.
Hufham, "How We Got Our Charter."
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