72 History of Wake Forest College
whose parents were doubtless influenced to place their sons at Wake
Forest by the considerations that they would be under religious
influence and discipline, learn habits of industry, and at the same time
be instructed in improved methods of farming, all at an expense of
$60 a year.
The list of the students for the first year is as follows: From Wake
fourteen: John M. Crenshaw, E. A. Crudup, R. A. Harrison, Ezekiel
Holland, L. K. Jones, R. M. Jones, S. B. Jones, William Jones,
William Ridley, R. B. Seawell, C. H. Shaw, LeRoy Strayhorn,
Michael Thompson, Dallas Wood; from Bertie eleven: W. T. Bush,
David Harrell, Nazareth Leggett, J. S. Lucas, James Moore, Joshua
Moore, W. L. Moore, D. G. Outlaw, W. M. Outlaw, W. G. Sutton, R.
E. Weston; from Chatham eleven: J. H. Brooks, W. T. Broods, Elisha
Burns, M. W. Burroughs, John Cotton, W. C. Council, J. W.
Hackney, Robert Hackney, A. G. Headen, James Holt, John Holt;
from Richmond six: J. C. Dockery, S. M. Ingram, R. J. Steele, T. W.
Steele, A. W. Thomas, W. D. Ussery; from Chowan four: F. W. Bond,
J. W. Hoskins, R. M. Noxon, J. H. Skinner; from Craven three: B. A.
Ernul, F. T. Riggs, George Washington; from the State of Alabama
two: N. W. Price, O. H. P. Prince; from Edgecombe two: Nathan
Matthewson, W. R. Powell; from Franklin two: Henry Harris, W. H.
Jones; from Hertford two: J. A. Delke, M. M. Wise; from
Montgomery two: Spencer Holton, David Wright; from Orange two:
W. H. Merritt, W. C. Watts; from Warren two: J. M. Collins, John
Watson; from Anson one: Philip Gatherings; from Cumberland one;
Benjamin F. Atkins; from Currituck one: T. W. Sanderson; from
Duplin one: J. M., Hufham; from Lenoir one: W. H. Haywood; from
Moore one: H. K. Person; from Pasquotank one : A. F. Williams ;
from Perquimans one: W. C. Skinner ; from Person one: J. M.
Norfleet ; from South Carolina one: M. N. Strickland; from Virginia
one: W. H.
The students whose number from the first was increasing daily
Compiled from Taylor, General Catalogue of Wake Forest College.
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