92 History of Wake Forest College
published, were ably conceived and written and will be discussed at
greater length in connection with the discussion of another important
phase of this meeting. It is sufficient to say here that while no great
amount of enthusiasm was manifested,12 those who were present
gained a new sense of the importance of the undertaking and left the
meeting with a stronger resolution for its accomplishment. By this
time the plan of the central committee was mature and it was formally
announced: the two secretaries were to secure general canvassers for
special districts who should work in cooperation with pastors and
laymen "whose services in the churches would be absolutely essential
to the success of the enterprise." Subscriptions of less than $500 were
to be paid in cash before the meeting of the State Convention in
November, those of $500 to $1,000 should be payable in a year, and
those of $1,000 and upward in two years.13
Now that the Convention had met and adjourned, the work on
gathering the endowment was begun. Full two months had elapsed
since the Baptist State Convention with so much enthusiasm gave the
campaign its approval. There were many who believed that these two
months had been wasted, and many were the complaints that came to
Wingate and other members of the committee that the enthusiasm was
allowed to dissipate and no canvass was being made. Even the good
John Mitchell could not conceal his impatience and somewhat later
Dr. T. H. Pritchard spoke of the loss of time, when time was so much
needed.14 Through the mails and on every street corner when he was
in Raleigh or other large towns Wingate was accosted by impatient
brethren: "When will you begin?" "When will you be in our section?"
"Move at once." "This is your time." To such Wingate would reply
"Be patient brethren; the canvassers cannot move at once. We shall
get around among the churches at the earliest possible moment." 15 He
had his mind bent on "denominational organiza-
One who was present said: "The lack of interest in the part of our people was
manifest and deplorable."
Biblical Recorder, February 19, 1873.
14 Biblical Recorder, June 11, 1873.
Biblical Recorder, January 29, 1873.
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