The Endowment, 1870-1873 93
tion for education," and spent so much time in this that, as the event
proved, he had far too little time for completing the work.
One part of the plan was the apportionment of the hundred thousand
dollars among the Associations of the State. In the Biblical Recorder
of January 15, 1873, Dr. N. B. Cobb had suggested that if the
Associations and their churches would give fifteen cents a member
every month for twelve months the amount could be easily raised.
Wingate taking up the issue and in several articles showed the
inequality of Cobb's proposition and did it so well that Cobb seems to
have lost his interest in the canvass altogether. But the committee did
adopt the plan of apportioning the amount among the several
Associations. In making this apportionment regard was had to
numbers, situation, wealth, and known liberality of these bodies. The
largest apportionment went to the Central Association with $20,000,
followed by Pamlico, Beulah, Chowan, Eastern and Flat River, each
of which was expected to give $5,000 each. The amount for each
Association was to be apportioned among its churches by the
canvassers with the assistance of the pastors of the churches. In
raising the money the pastors and active laymen were expected to
travel through the Association, visiting the churches, and giving all
possible aid. It was also planned that the regional canvassers should
hold numerous educational conventions, with regular programs,
patterned after that of the educational convention of February 11-13
in Raleigh. All these fine plans, however, were attempted in only a
small number of Associations, notably, Chowan, Eastern, Flat River,
Tar River, Beulah, King's Mountain, and Green River, while
numerous educational conventions were held in the Pamlico
Association, in the region extending from Tarboro to Goldsboro, and
in the Brushy Mountain and United Baptist Associations, and in the
Liberty. The most active leaders in this work were Rev. J. D. Hufham
in the King's Mountain and Green River; Rev. W. R. Gwaltney in the
Brushy Mountain, Brier Creek and United Baptist; Rev. R: R. Overby
and Rev. T. J. Knapp in the Chowan; Rev. J. A. Stradley in the Flat
River; Elder John Monroe in the Pee Dee; Rev. J. C. Hiden, B. Oliver
and Levi Thorne in the
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