94 History of Wake Forest College
Eastern. These men with the canvassers visited the churches; in
such associations as the Chowan and Flat River and King's Mountain,
they would often find the churches ready to subscribe the amounts
apportioned to them and even more, but in the churches of some of
the western Associations, though the canvassers were heard with
interest, they found contributors rare. Many of the Associations were
neglected since only a limited number of canvassers could be secured.
The Central Association and the Raleigh were not canvassed at all.
The canvass there had been set for the last weeks of the campaign,
and this, as it turned out, proved to be a great mistake. Soon
complaints began to be heard both from the east and the west that the
center was doing nothing, and when the canvassers were ready to
move in these strong Associations came the unexpected panic of
1873, beginning with its "Black Friday" on September 19, which put
an end to collections of money for endowments in North Carolina.
What work Secretaries Wingate and Ivey and their helpers had been
able to do was done in the few months from February to August. In
their report to the Convention which met at Warrenton, November 5,
1873, they reported pledges of $40,000 and cash collections of
$8,035.29. They attributed their failure chiefly to their inability to
secure canvassers in many Associations and to the panic. But for
these things, they thought that they should have had three-fourths of
the amount in hand and have been within striking distance of their
goal. They professed not to be discouraged and the Convention
resolved that the work must be continued until the full amount should
be raised.16
The Trustees also voted to continue the campaign for endowment
and appointed a new committee, but all this brave talk went for
nothing. They did indeed keep Ivey in the field for another year, who
continued to visit churches and Associations, getting a few small
subscriptions and making some collections, but his success was small.
The failure after the intense campaign, which kept the denomination
in turmoil for a year, brought a deep
16 Minutes of the Baptist State Convention for 1873.
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