The Endowment, 1870-1873 97
and do more and give more." As certain of the data were in the hands
of Rev. J. S. Purefoy who was in New England and not obtainable
they greatly underestimated the collections of the campaign of 1873.
As this report was not satisfactory to either party to the controversy,
the Baptist State Convention meeting at Shelby, November, 1875, on
the request of the Board of Trustees, appointed a committee to make
the detailed report called for by the Eastern Association. The
committee consisted of John G. Williams, a prominent banker of
Raleigh, W. W. Vass, a railroad official, and J. D. Hufham. Their
report was prepared with much care and gave the desired information.
As it is a valuable document in the history of the College it is printed
as an appendix to this chapter.
Connected with the campaign were several interesting details. The
first gift, of one dollar, was from a woman. Appeals were often made
to the "sisters," and some effort was made to organize the women for
the work, especially in the Chowan Association in which Mrs. T. J.
Knapp was the leader. In the church at Abbott's Creek Miss Elsie
Charles volunteered to be "the begging agent for Wake Forest
College." From another lady came a Christmas tree gift of $100 in
gold.21 To be mentioned also is Dr. Pritchard's effort to raise ten
thousand dollars among the boys and girls of North Carolina.
Addressing them through the Biblical Recorder of March 5, 1873, he
asked them to give their dollars, telling them that if at the end of the
year ten thousand dollars were paid in he would get another ten
thousand and establish a chair to be called "The Boys and Girls
Professorship of the English Language and Literature." This brought
letters from warm-hearted givers, but probably not more than one
hundred dollars in cash. Pritchard's dream of a chair of English at
Wake Forest College was not realized for a dozen years. Another
interesting feature of the campaign was the surprising success of it in
those churches in which it was well presented; this is the oft repeated
21 Biblical Recorder, February 26, March 12, September 17, November 5, 1873.
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