The Endowment, 1870-1873 107
religion and politics were lost sight of in the profound interest in the
deliberations which concerned primarily the improvement of the
common schools. As at the February convention papers were read, not
quite so well prepared, thought the editor of the Biblical Recorder
reporting the meeting in the paper of July 16, 1873, as those of the
previous meeting, but still vitally
The educational
association was then recognized and has held regular annual sessions,
at least in name, since that time. Interest in an educational journal was
Biblical Recorder, July 16, 1873. The subjects discussed were the art of
teaching; the University; denominational colleges; the system of common and
graded schools; normal schools; education of women; compulsory education; the
necessity of universal education.
Dr. T. H. Pritchard in reporting the meeting, for the Biblical Recorder, says:
"The convention was a success far beyond the expectations of those who projected
it; it was a move in the right direction, and we can but hope for great and blessed
consequences to result from its deliberations. We were particularly pleased to see
many of our leading men, both in church and state, taking so much interest in a
subject which at the same time is of paramount importance to our people."
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