"In 1874 Elder J. S. Purefoy went North, and after a hard struggle,
laboring off and on for two years without pay, he put into the
endowment about $9,200. This following the failure of 1873
encouraged the hearts of the friends of the Institution and probably
saved it from suspension."
L. R. Mills, Wake Forest Student, III, 316.
In 1875, when disaster again seemed imminent, he spent several
months in New York and New England, and secured $10,000 as a
nucleus for a new endowment. And he left friends behind him there
wherever he went-friends who never ceased to make inquiries about
the patient, untiring old man and who sincerely mourned when they
heard of his death.
C. E. Taylor, Wake Forest Student, VIII, 400.
In the first volume of this work an account was given of the
invaluable services in the years 1850-65 rendered the College by Rev.
J. S. Purefoy as agent, treasurer, trustee, and contributor of money for
its endowment and support. This interest he maintained unabated after
the War and until the end of his life in 1889. He was treasurer of the
Board of Trustees until November, 1872, and as a Trustee took much
interest in all efforts to increase the endowment for which, as we have
seen, he secured the first
In November, 1873, he was
made a member of the Central Endowment Committee;2 it was soon
evident that the campaign then in progress in the State could have
only limited
Vol. I, 268f.
2 The other members were W. T. Brooks, T. H. Pritchard, W. T. Walters, A. F.
Redd, John G. Williams, T. H. Avers, J. M. Heck, W. W. Holden, J. H. Mills.
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