Purefoy in the North 117
Purefoy's reaction to the refusal of the wealthier to contribute to the
endowment was as follows: "North Carolina Baptists have by their
trade and commerce helped to make these Northern cities rich―they
have helped to build their fine churches and their marble palaces, and
endow their colleges, and it would seem that when we make an appeal
to them for help we ought to receive a hearty response."
On Sunday, April 26, Purefoy was at the Tabernacle Baptist Church
for the morning service, hearing a sermon by President Francis J.
Perry of Hamilton Theological Seminary, and also present at the
Sunday school in the afternoon. On the same day he made a short call
on Rev. Mr. Freeman, and found his wife exhibiting a beautiful
Christian faith though she was in the last stages of consumption
(tuberculosis). He also called on Dr. T. D. Anderson, pastor of the
First Baptist Church at 39th Street, who received him with much
cordiality, and hearing of his mission opened up his heart with many
manifestations of sympathy, and taking him to his church introduced
him to many of his members, and promised to arrange for the
distribution of his circulars among them. "Such kindness is like `a
great rock in a weary land' to the way worn traveler." On the next day
Purefoy made his first direct appeal for a contribution and received a
pledge of
The next Sunday, May 3, he was at Dr. Anderson's
church, heard his sermon, saw him baptize ten new members, and
assisted him in the communion service at which 300 were present,
and he writes : "There are very many good, devout Christian people in
this city." On the next day, May 4, he attended two ministers'
conferences, one in Brooklyn in the forenoon, and a second in New
York in the afternoon. At the latter he was introduced by Dr. R. S.
McArthur and allowed to state his mission, after which the conference
passed unanimously a
be obtained, but the main dependence is upon home. North Carolina Baptists have
got this work to do, and they should now be up and doing.
"Brethren Ivey and Walters must press this work with vigor, yea, with all their
Biblical Recorder, May 22, 1874.
Biblical Recorder, May 6, 1874.
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