118 History of Wake Forest College
resolution commending his work. But such encouragement was rare.
Writing on April-May he says: "One month past today I left home for
this place. I have not up to this time secured much in either cash or
pledges. I have not had an opportunity to explain my mission before a
single church. I have had to hunt up the good brethren as best I could,
from house to house, from office to office, and not finding them in, I
have had to go again and again, and thus days have passed and little
On the next day, Sunday May 17, he was at Plainfield, New Jersey,
was kindly received by Deacon Stokes, and at the close of the evening
service was given five minutes to explain his mission, and secured
eighty dollars. On the next day he visited New Brunswick, but did
nothing more than make some acquaintances.
Returning to New York, he was invited to the Brooklyn Baptist
Social Union on May 19, where he was called upon and told of
education in North Carolina, and in particular of Wake Forest College
and its needs. He remained in New York for two weeks longer, on one
day asking for prayers for Wake Forest students at the Fulton Street
prayer meeting, and on Sunday, May 25 looking with joy on 55,000
Sunday school children picnicking on the lawns of Brooklyn parks,
but getting only small amounts for the College. Yet he was not
altogether discouraged. He had brought the College to the attention of
hundreds who had never heard of it, and he had hopes of getting
something from them in the future.11
Arriving in Philadelphia on June 10 he remained several days,
making acquaintances with the pastors, editors of Baptist periodicals
and managers of the American Baptist Publication Society, "with a
view to future operations." Leaving for Wake Forest on June 16, he
was at the college commencement, June 2326, and reported to the
Trustees that he had secured in cash $473 and a little more than
$1,300 in conditional subscriptions, and had spent on traveling and
other expenses a little more than
11 Biblical Recorder, May 20, 27, June 3, 10, 24, 1874.
Biblical Record, June 24, July 1, 1874. In his last letter of this series Elder
Purefoy says: "I wish thus publicly to give thanks to Almighty God and Jesus
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