Purefoy in the North 119
Although the amount reported by Purefoy was small it was larger
than that reported by Elder T. H. Ivey, who had continued his canvass
from November, 1873, and after much travel had secured in cash and
subscriptions only $740; whether Walters, who was also acting as
agent in the State, had secured any appreciable amount is not told, but
the Board of Trustees in June, 1874, passed a resolution in Purefoy's
language urging that the campaign within the State be pressed with
vigor. Ivey was continued in the work until the meeting of the Baptist
State Convention in November. He visited assocations and sought to
make collections and get new subscriptions, but with poor success.13
Purefoy remained in the State until the meeting of the Baptist State
Convention in Wilmington, November 4-8, 1874, which he attended,
and then made his way by Goldsboro and Norfolk and a foggy
Chesapeake Bay to New York, which he reached on November 10.
He had stopped three hours in Philadelphia to get a recommendation
for the College and himself from Rev. B. Griffith, D.D. Prospects
seemed more encouraging than six months before. Early in June,
under the direction of Dr. S. S. Cutting of the American Education
Commission, there had been a meeting at Washington City of the
friends of Baptist educational institutions in the entire country. At this
meeting the claims of Wake Forest College had been eloquently and
powerfully presented by Dr. T. H. Pritchard. But although
considerable interest in Wake Forest was stimulated at this meeting,
so was interest in the Baptist colleges of the North, and Purefoy was
to encounter their agents in the places he canvassed.
He remained in New York only two days, long enough to get out a
new circular, and armed with that he left on November 11 for New
On Saturday, November 14, he arrived in Fall River, Mas-
my Saviour for His many mercies to me during my trip North, as well as through all
my past life. My health has never been better, and for the most part my spirit has
been cheerful. I feel that I have been wonderfully sustained by God's grace and
mercy. Though I have not done as well as I wished, I have done better than some of
my Northern friends thought could be done."
13 Biblical Recorder, September 9, 1874.
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