Purefoy in the North 121
however, some of the kind and courteous people did invite him to
have a meal with them, and he always accepted.
The next Sunday, November 29, he attended services in Pawtucket,
and having his mission recommended by the visiting preacher, Mr.
Knott, he secured twenty dollars. He remarks that the North Carolina
preachers are more earnest but that those of New England have better
prepared sermons.
On December 2 he arrived in New Bedford. Here he found Rev.
Mylon Merriam, a brother of Mrs. Samuel Wait, the last surviving
one of the brothers. Though he was sixty-three years old he was active
and energetic. Going to the First Church, he found a small group
assembled and was invited by the pastor, Rev. D. D. Wynn, to take
part in the service and was given an opportunity to state his mission,
and getting the endorsement of Mr. Merriam was strongly approved
by the pastor. By this time, December 7, 1874, the best the
indefatigable agent could say was that he was entering on his third
thousand of the ten thousand he had set out to raise. He had visited
only four towns, and was ready to go to Boston where he planned to
spend a month or more, if the way should be open. "I am constantly
excited," says he, "with the extremes of hope and fear, but let it be
hope or fear, still work on, and with God's help and preservation I
intend to work on."
Purefoy found warmer hearts in New England than he had found in
New York, and he often speaks of the kindness of the people. He was
much impressed with the superior educational advantages and the
results of them that he found everywhere, a theme to which he often
reverts in his later letters. Speaking of the public schools of
Worcester, and in particular of the high schools, he says "There boys
and girls are taught in the same classes and fully prepared for any
college, free of charge for tuition. Such school advantages as these
almost stagger the belief of our North Carolina people. I think the day
will come when we shall have good free schools all over the State,
and Wake Forest and other
Biblical Recorder, November 18, December 2, 9, 16,
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