Purefoy in. the North 125
Dr. S. S. Cutting, Dr. T. D. Anderson, Deacon L. B. Bayne who, he
insisted, had not defrauded the Western North Carolina Railroad, Rev.
J. D. Fulton, Dr. Reid of Williamsburg, Rev. W. T. Burns of Yonkers,
and Rev. J. B. Hawthorne.
On February 8 he received intelligence that Calvary Baptist Church,
Dr. R. S. McArthur, pastor, had pledged $1,000 for a scholarship, and
entering his room, fell on his knees and returned thanks to God. As he
was leaving for Philadelphia with work incomplete in and around
New York he received a pledge from an unnamed good brother of
another thousand dollars, bringing the total up to $7,000. Reflecting
on what he had done he felt that the Lord had wonderfully blessed
him on his Northern
In Philadelphia he was kindly received by the numerous Baptist
pastors and officials of the various Baptist organizations located in the
city. His work was highly commended in the National Baptist and in a
resolution offered by Dr. H. L. Wayland at the Baptist pastors'
conference, but all this kindness and commendation won him little in
the way of cash and pledges. During five days of his stay of three
weeks he was kept in by illness, and he found that the Philadelphia
Baptists were "near-sighted," and interested rather in their great
church-building program than anything else. The agent of Louisburg
(Bucknell) University was also in the city, asking for a Centennial
Fund of $150,000. Accordingly, Purefoy after three weeks decided to
leave for Boston "to spend a few weeks and see what can be done
there." And as he was leaving he indicated his state of mind in these
words "It is in vain to go, unless the Lord goes with me. Oh, for his
presence there and everywhere! Will the brethren in North Carolina
remember me in their prayers: My way seems to be darkened and I
cannot see clearly before me. I ask for light and direction."
On his way to Boston Purefoy stopped in New York where he had a
half-hour's conference with Dr. Cutting. Next he stopped at Mystic
and spent the night with Rev. G. L. Hunt, pastor of one of the largest
churches in Connecticut, and then he went on
Biblical Recorder, February 10, April 28,
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