126 History of Wake Forest College
to Providence, where he found Dr. W. T. Brainbridge too busy
looking over letters to give him fifteen
On reaching Boston he found that he was not forgotten, and was
most kindly welcomed by Pastors Beckley, Lorimer, Swan, and Boyd,
and received commendation in the Watchman and Reflector and the
Christian Era. On Sunday, April 25, he heard Dr. Lorimer, and
thereafter attended prayer meetings, ministers' conferences, and on
invitation a dinner of the Baptist Social Union, at which the topic of
discussion was the educational centennial movement; he had the
opportunity of presenting the claims of Wake Forest College, but only
after four-fifths of the guests had departed. Deacon Chase, from
whom he had received one of his exceedingly rare invitations for
dinner, made him an appointment to preach-the third sermon he
preached since leaving home-to a congregation of colored people,
mostly from Richmond, Virginia. Pressing his work he visited
outlying towns and Newton Theological Seminary. To his appeals
many gave a decided "No," but one good sister gave him $100 in cash
and a brother who had given to others gave him $100 "to show his
kind feelings for the South." By May 18, he had secured $500 in cash
and pledges since coming to Boston, about $7,500 in all. "The
problem is," he writes, "how shall I get the balance? I answer, by hard
work, perseverance, and God's help, it will come." He planned to
reach home by June 5, and if his work was not completed by that time
he expected to return to complete it if it should be the Lord's will; he
had gone too far to retreat. As he was leaving Boston he wrote: "I
shall have many pleasant recollections of my visit there, of the kind
treatment of brethren, editors and pastors, and the interest manifested
in my mission for Wake Forest College."
Reaching New York on May 18, by the Hartford route, he had
conferences with several of the ministers, attended a social gathering,
on Sunday heard sermons by Dr. Sailes and Dr. Hawthorne, and on
Monday, May 24, went to Philadelphia in time to attend the meetings
of the Northern Baptist Anniversaries, where he
Biblical Recorder, May 5, 1875.
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