Purefoy in the North 127
was placed by the reception committee at the St. Cloud Hotel in a
room with Dr. Dickinson of Richmond, Virginia. Going on to
Baltimore he was entertained in the home of Dr. G. W. Sanderlin,
pastor of Franklin Square Baptist Church.
All in all, his mission had been successful and the end was in sight.
At the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the College on June 16, he
challenged the Board to raise $10,000 from the citizens of Wake
Forest, to meet the $10,000 he expected to put in the College treasury
before July 1, 1876, and at an endowment rally the same evening he
made a like challenge to the Alumni Association, challenges which
were accepted, the first by Dr. W. T. Brooks for the Trustees, the
second by Dr. T. H. Pritchard for the
On September 11 Purefoy was off again for the North, regretting
that his absence would make it necessary for him to miss the meeting
of the Baptist State Convention for the first time in about thirty-five
years. But he was eager to complete his work for the endowment
which he hoped to do before cold weather. He stopped a day in
Warrenton to preach at a colored Sunday school rally; by train and
boat reached Baltimore on the 13th, and then went to Philadelphia,
and remained several days in which he viewed the Centennial
buildings which were under construction. He reached New York on
September 23 and remained until the thirtieth, and in that time heard
Sermons on Sunday, September 26, by Dr. Fulton in Brooklyn, and
Dr. George L. Hunt of Mystic, Connecticut, at Forty-second Street
Church. In the afternoon of that day he attended a service at Trinity
Church where he saw forty-eight candles burning on the altar, "like
the Catholics." Business in New York was on the increase but he
secured very little money for the College.
On October 11 he left on a steamer for New London, which made
its way from pier number 10 on North River, up East River and out at
Hell's Gate, where blasting of rocks was still going on, and through
hundreds of all kinds of vessels. It was ten o'clock next day when he
reached Boston by cars from New
Biblical Recorder, May-June, 1875.
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