128 History of Wake Forest College
London. He secured a room on Court Street and was ready for
In Boston Purefoy pursued his usual methods of campaign. He
attended all kinds of meetings of churches and conferences and
visited institutions both in Boston itself and the nearby towns,
Worcester, Lynn, Salem, Beverly, Brookline, Cambridge, Jamaica
Plains, Chelsea, Arlington, Watertown, Newton, Waltham, Mid-
dleboro, Taunton, of all of which he gives some description,
especially of the Baptist churches and their pastors and work. He was
almost everywhere given a cordial welcome, and in his pleasure said
that the more he became acquainted with the people of Boston the
better he liked them. But raising money among them was still a slow
process. The members of the faculty of Newton Theological Seminary
pledged fifty dollars each, and Purefoy was moved to recommend
"this old and renowned institution" to any minister going North to
study theology. Business, however, had not recovered from the panic
of September, 1873. The people everywhere were complaining of
hard times and losses upon losses. In nine months there had been in
this section 5,334 failures with liabilities of $131,172,503, millions of
capital were lying around idle, and many thousands of laborers were
out of employment and without food for their families. But by getting
small amounts here and there he had by January 1, 1876, practically
secured in cash and pledges the $10,000 he set out to raise.
The people everywhere in and around Boston treated him kindly;
this year he ate Thanksgiving turkey in the home of a Baptist minister,
Dr. Johnson, pastor of the church in Cambridge. He was also made
welcome to the Baptist Social Union and enjoyed its elegant dinner to
which a good brother gave him a ticket, costing $2.50. He was asked
to join a party at Fremont Temple Church to watch the old year out.
He was constantly hearing kind words about the South and being
encouraged in his work. As he was leaving Boston on Tuesday,
January 4, 1876, he said: "I bid adieu to Boston having spent three
months in this city or
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