Purefoy in the North 129
its vicinity. I shall carry with me through life many pleasant
recollections of the kindness and encouragement of these generous
people to me personally and to the endowment of Wake Forest
College. I can truly say, `I was a stranger and they took me in.' May
blessings rest upon them."
Purefoy made his way to New York by the same route he had
followed on his first tour, stopping at Wales, Springfield, Holyoke,
Brattleboro, Shelburn Falls and North Adams, reaching the last place
this time by train through the Hoosac tunnel in twenty-one minutes.
He tells in much detail of the people and industries of each place and
of the amounts he secured. Stopping a day each in Troy and Albany
and collecting subscriptions formerly . made, he went by train down
the Hudson to New York. Here he remained about two weeks and
returned home. Writing from Wake Forest on February 14, 1876, he
gives the following summary of his mission
"After three trips North and laboring hard, under great dis-
couragements, by the blessings of God I have been permitted to return
home in good health, feeling thankful that my work was a success,
and the amount sought for was obtained.
"I labored in all about thirteen months, secured in cash and pledges
$10,500 and some unmatured promises from which I hope to realize
about $400 more. If it is realized it will secure to Wake Forest
College $10,000 clear of losses and traveling expenses.
"I traveled North and home again three times, I paid for printing
circulars and postage, for board and railroad fare about $620.
"I have collected about $6,000 and have assurance that the larger
part of the remainder will be paid in by July. A year ago I pledged to
the Northern brethren that if they would make up the $10,000 I would
give my labor free of charge. They have nobly done their part, and I
will as truly do mine. I trust in God for my reward.
"Last June I pledged the $10,000 and challenged the Alumni
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