At the Commencement of 1870 Dr. William Royall offered his
resignation as Professor of Languages, which the Trustees reluctantly
As successor to Professor Royall, the Executive Committee of the
Trustees, on the advice of President Wingate, on August 12, 1870,
chose Charles Elisha Taylor of Virginia. Mr. Taylor was a son of Dr..
James B. Taylor, Corresponding Secretary of the Foreign Mission
Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. He was born in Richmond,
October 28,1842; entered Richmond College as a freshman in 1858;
left college in April, 1861, on the day that Virginia passed the
ordinance of secession, and volunteered his services to his state. He
was with Lee in the West Virginia Campaign, and then with Jackson
until the battle of Kernstown, in which he received a severe wound. In
1863 he became a member of the Signal and Secret Service Corps
under the command of General J. E. B. Stuart. In this branch of
Proceedings, June 9, 1879. Probably Dr. Royall thought he would have a wider
field of usefulness in the education of women. On his resignation he become
president of the Raleigh Female Seminary, which opened its first session on August
22, 1870. On the 16th of the following January his son and son-in-law, R. E. Royall
and W. C. Powell, opened a school for boys in Raleigh in the "Jones House" on
Jones Street. Biblical Recorder, July 17 and December 21, 1870. Dr. Royall kept the
presidency of the Raleigh Female Seminary for only one year, when he resigned it
to another son-in-law, F. P. Hobgood, who had been conducting a school for boys in
Reidsville. In January, 1872, Dr. Royall became president of the Louisburg Female
College, which had been idle for some time, and also pastor of the Louisburg
Baptist Church, preaching twice a month. Biblical Recorder, February 7, 1872. In
1874, on account of failing health, he went to Texas, where he became president of
Baylor Female College, and was also pastor of churches. In the fall of 1878 he
opened a female seminary in San Antonio, Texas. Biblical Recorder, September 18,
1878. From here in the fall of 1879 he went to Jonesboro, Tennessee, and taught in
a school under the management of Dr. Mays. Biblical Recorder, October 29, 1879.
In June, 1880, he accepted a place as professor of modern languages, including
English, in Wake Forest College. North Carolina Baptist Almanac, 1894, page 38.
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