140 History of Wake Forest College
pletion of endowment of each of the six professorships, which the
Board was then pressing. And they actually did reduce the fees from
$35 a term to $30 a term, or $10 a year, at the commencement in
The number of graduates for these years, 1870-71 to 1878-79, was
fifty-six, of whom a complete list is given in footnote
these, nineteen became ministers of the Gospel, some of whom
attained world-wide prominence. A. C. Dixon served pastorates in
Chapel Hill, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Boston, and Chicago where he was
pastor of Moody's Church on the Northside. From there he was called
to Spurgeon's Tabernacle in London. Columbus Durham, a brother of
the lawyer and statesman Plato Durham, after serving pastorates in
Goldsboro and Durham, in 1888 became Corresponding Secretary of
the Mission Board in North Carolina and in this position acquired
great fame for the ability and courage with which he stood for public
education of the children of the State, and supported the voluntary
principle in
Proceedings. The Wake Forest Board did not make the mistake that the Board
of Furman University made, who, when $200,000 had been subscribed on
endowment but not paid in, made tuition free; in consequence Furman was in great
distress. Biblical Recorder, December 4, 1878.
Master of Arts: 1871. John Bruce Brewer, Franklin P. Hobgood; 1875. John
Edwin Ray, Hugh Reid Scott; 1877. Edgar Estes Folk; 1878. Walter Eugene Daniel;
1879. Edwin Ferebee Aydlett, John Thomas Johnson Battle, Needham Y. Gulley,
Robert Perleyman Johnson, George Taylor Prichard, Charles Spurgeon Vann.
Bachelor of Arts: 1873. Wm. Hayes Owen McDowell, Jesse John Vann; Richard
Tilman Vann; 1874. Amzi Clarence Dixon, Franklin Royall Underwood; 1875.
Leroy W. Bagley, William Carey Brewer, Thomas Carrick, John Yerval Phillips;
1876. John Thomas Bland, John Lewis Britt, John Benjamin Powers; 1877. James
W. Denmark, William Louis Poteat, Charles Wesley Scarborough; 1878. J. G.
Bunch, John Calhoun Caddell, W. J. Rufus Ford, Arthur Edwin Walters; 1879.
George Pinckney Hamrick, Wesley N. Jones, John Fairley McMillan, Cornelius
Augustus Rominger, William Jonathan Wingate, William Linberry Wright.
Bachelor of Philosophy: 1871. Henry Alfred Brown, Columbus Durham, Michael
Napoleon Sikes, William Dunlap Trantham; 1872. James Henry Garvey, Charles
Hadden Martin, James S. Mitchell; 1873. Nathaniel Boardman Canady, Allen
Rogers Jones, Edwin Walter Timberlake, Henry Truesdale Trantham; 1874.
William David Gulledge, George Washington Purefoy; 1875. Richard Caswell
Sandling; 1876. Benjamin Franklin Montague. Bachelor of Letters: 1877. James
Redden Jones; 1878. Fleet Rose Cooper, Neill Dockery Johnson, William Thomas
Jordan. In the General Catalogue the name of Charles Haddon Martin is wrongly
given as Charles Henry Martin.
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