Last Years of Wingate's Administration, 1870-79 141
higher education. He died untimely on November 14, 1895. For
nearly all his active life after leaving college H. A. Brown was pastor
of the Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, being called to that work in
1877. In his later years he wrote devotional articles week by week for
the Biblical Recorder. He died on April 25, 1929. R. T. Vann served
many important pastorates, among them those at Scotland Neck and
Wake Forest. He also did much as an educator; for two years, 1881-
83, he was professor of English in Chowan Baptist Female Institute,
and for fifteen years, 1900-15, he was president of Meredith College.
Afterwards he held the position of Secretary of Education and
Benevolence. He was trustee of Wake Forest College, Meredith and
the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He died, July 25, 1941. E.
E. Folk served several pastorates, but his best known work was
editing the Baptist and Reflector, which he did from 1889 until his
death in 1917, a period of twenty-nine years. W. L. Wright, a preacher
of much eloquence and power, after serving pastorates in Hillsboro,
Reidsville and Richmond died while still young on September 27,
1900. Rufus Ford was known for his profundity of thought and
clearness of expression rather than for pulpit eloquence. He spent the
greater part of his life in South Carolina and died in Florence in the
year 1936. During his later years he was a regular contributor of
meditative religious articles to the Biblical Recorder. Thomas Carrick
was a man of considerable ability and did a most important and useful
service, one in connection with building the Memorial Baptist Church
at Greenville, N. C., in 1880-81, of which he was then pastor, but for
most part he served churches which could be reached from his home
in High Point. He died on May 22, 1935, aged 85 years. W. T. Jordan
served the church in Lumberton for the years 1878-86; in 1887 he
moved to Oregon and since that time has served churches in that
State, California and Washington. His home is in Seattle. C. W.
Scarborough served pastorates in Wake, Franklin and Granville
counties and in Murfreesboro; he died on December 1, 1922. F. R.
Underwood served numerous
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