144 History of Wake Forest College
Weldon, E. F. Aydlette of Elizabeth City, W. N. Jones of Raleigh, F.
R. Cooper of Clinton, J. T. Bland of Burgaw, C. S. Vann of Edenton,
J. J. Vann of Winton and Monroe, N. B. Canady of Oxford, and W. D.
Trantham of Camden, South Carolina. J. G. Bunch died young, and C.
H. Martin and B. F. Montague left active practice after a few years.
The physicians of the graduates of these years, located at the places
given after their names were W. H. O. McDowell, Scotland Neck; J.
Y. Phillips, Dalton; G. W. Purefoy, Asheville; H. T. Trantham,
Salisbury; J. B. Powers, Wake Forest; A. J. Battle, Earpsboro; J. T. J.
Battle, Greensboro, for many years head of the medical staff of the
Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company. As trustee of the College
he had an important part in the institution and development of the
Wake Forest College School of Medicine. A. E. Walters died while a
student of Medicine. C. A. Rominger was a dentist who worked first
at Reidsville and later at Zion City, Illinois.
J. W. Denmark helped to establish the Progressive Farmer and for
many years was its business manager. It is to him that we owe what
was first called the Students' Aid Fund, but now the Denmark Loan
Fund of which account is found below. W. D. Gulledge, who had lost
his right arm in the battle of Bentonville, became a planter; he died
June 10, 1885. A. R. Jones died August 14, 1873, shortly after his
graduation. W. J. Wingate was a merchant, for many years at Wake
Among the students of those years who did not graduate many
became prominent either in the professions or business.
The following were ministers of the gospel: E. B. Barrett, Anson
County; G. S. Baskerville, later a graduate of HampdenSidney
College and a graduate student of Yale, went to Minnesota, and from
there to Dakota where he became a college president; J. H. Booth,
Dallas, Catawba; A. W. Burfoot, Camden, Perquimans and Tyrrell
counties, died December 21, 1931; D. J. Clark, Welsh Neck, South
Carolina and Bladen County; F. B. Clark, Burke County; R. W.
Crews, Forsyth County; H. M.
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