Last Years of Wingate's Administration, 1870-79 145
Croom, Onslow and Caldwell counties; E. B. Dillard, Virginia; W. C.
Durham, Walla Walla, Washington; O. T. Edwards, Chatham County;
D. A. Glenn, Virginia, Hendersonville; L. P. Gwaltney, Alexander
County; C. C. Haymore, Mount Airy; I. M. Hildebrand, Gaston and
Burke counties; J. M. Hilliard, Wake, Buncombe, Macon counties,
Thomasville, business manager of Orphanage; J. C. Hocutt, Wake,
Durham and Orange counties; L. Johnson, Greensboro, Rocky Mount,
Corresponding Secretary of Baptist State Convention 1900-1914;
editor of Biblical Recorder, 1917-1931, died February 9, 1931; J. W.
Lucas, Tennessee; P. H. Pernell, Franklin County; A. M. Pittman,
Marion County, South Carolina; N. R. Pittman, Missouri, Editor of
Central Baptist; C. L. Powell, Africa; J. A. Shemwell, Rowan
County; I. W. Thomas, Caldwell County; J. F. Tuttle, Virginia,
Salisbury; J. H. Vernon, Roxboro, died at Wake Forest, May 14,
1917; S. W. Westcott, New Bern, Chapel Hill, died April 11, 1875; J.
A. White, Alexander County, Shelby; C. L. Wilson, Raleigh,
Staunton, Virginia.
Those whose student years fell within the years 1870-71 to 1878-
79, but did not obtain a degree, and who became physicians were: W.
H. Bagwell, Pactolus; A. J. Battle, Earpsboro; M. C. Chamblee,
Wakefield, Zebulon; E. P. Covington, Florence, South Carolina; C. C.
Duffy, New Bern, died 1887; E. B. Ferebee, Camden County; B. R.
Fisher, Cedar Creek; G. M. Freeman, Salt Lake City, Utah; H. F.
Freeman, Wilson County; J. H. Harris, Franklinton; H. H. Marshburn,
Raleigh; B. C. Moore, Hornsboro, South Carolina; M. D. Phillips,
Dalton; L. M. Powers, Los Angeles, California; D. S. Ramseur,
Blacksburg, South Carolina; J. A. Small, Hertford, died August 6,
1875; J. L. Speas, Boonville; N. H. Street, Pollocksville; S. W.
Thompson, Wake Forest. H. C. Herring became a dentist and located
at Concord.
The students of this period who did not graduate but became
lawyers, and the places of their labors were: Claude M. Bernard,
Greenville, Raleigh; S. G. Daniel, Littleton; J. B. Durham,
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