146 History of Wake Forest College
Arkansas-member of Arkansas Legislature; W. C. Durham, Walla
Walla, Washington; R. C. Gulley, Clayton; J. C. Jenkins, Atlanta,
Georgia; S. H. Jordan, Black Mountain; T. B. Justice, Rutherfordton;
B. B. Lewis, Statesville, died January, 1887; W. M. Newbold,
Washington; C. H. Spencer, South Mills; J. F. Stout, Texas; J. L.
Webb, Shelby; Bruce Williams, Burgaw; B. B. Winborne,
Among those who received no degree but gained some prominence
in business were: J. W. Blackwell, Durham; C. E. Boone, San
Antonio, Texas; J. A. Coppedge, Greensboro; R. F. DeVane, Red
Springs; W. G. Ferebee, Camden County; T. M. Gorman, California,
Durham; C. O. Hicks, Georgia; J. Y. Hamrick, Cleveland County; G.
E. Hunter, railroad office work, Raleigh; James F. Jordan,
Greensboro, tobacconist; N. B. Josey, Jr., Scotland Neck; C. W.
Joyner, La Grange; W. R. Kivett, Waco, Texas; N. T. Knight, San
Antonio, Texas; W. A. Memory, Whiteville; J. Miller, Columbia,
South Carolina; N. W. Musgrave, Wayne County-had been captain of
Co. A, 1st N. C. Infantry; J. R. Nelson, Meridian, Mississippi; J. W.
Purefoy, Denver, Colorado; M. H. Riggsbee, photography, Raleigh;
C. E. Spratt, Arkansas, died, Fort Smith, 1888.
Only a few undergraduates of this period attained distinction in the
field of politics and public service. Among these were D. R. Bradsher,
long clerk of superior court of Person County; J. R. Rodwell, Sheriff
of Warren County; Jesse Jackson, Jr., Treasurer of Lenoir County;
and William W. Jenkins, postmaster at Charlotte, under the
administration of Benjamin Harrison.
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