148 History of Wake Forest College
this matter with a young friend of Wayne County in this situation in
the summer vacation of 1875 that Denmark first came to realize that
"we ought to have and must have at Wake Forest College a fund for
the use of just such young men." With reference to this he says
The idea struck me then and there with such irresistible force and conviction, that
I at once determined to go to work, and never hold up, until we should have a fund
at Wake Forest College to lend on easy terms to worthy young men needing such
assistance in their struggle for an education.
Never, however, until now, did it occur to me as a distinct duty of the friends of
the College to provide a fund for this very purpose. I could plainly see what a
blessing it would be to the young men in preparing them for usefulness as citizens; I
could see how it would help our then struggling college in not only adding to her
treasury the amount of tuition fees it would bring, but the moral support of the class
of young men it would assist not only in the student body, but also in their lives
hereafter. And I could see the great need of our State for more and better educated
men in all walks of life, and that as citizens their influence would be felt in all
righteous enterprises.
On his return to the College in September, 1875, Mr. Denmark
bought a five-dollar pack of postal cards and addressed them to heads
of the colleges of the country, asking for the plan on which their loan
funds were organized, but to his surprise he found that no other
college had such a fund. Thrown on his own resources he wrote a
constitution for the proposed aid association and set out on foot a
canvass for membership, securing nearly every student of the college
as annual members and all members of the faculty as life members
with a fee of ten dollars each. On November 30, 1875, he called a
meeting which was large and enthusiastic, and was attended by every
member of the faculty and nearly every student and a larger number
of the citizens of the village. The organization was duly effected, and
a committee appointed to procure
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