150 History of Wake Forest College
permanent fund of which except at times of unusual demands the interest alone is
It was said above that this was the first students' aid fund of its
kind. But after the charter was granted and Mr. Denmark had sent to
some of the heads of colleges from whom he had sought information
a pamphlet prepared by Dr. W. G. Simmons explaining the work and
theory of the Wake Forest Students' Aid Association several other
similar funds were established in other institutions. One of these was
the Deems' Fund of the University of North Carolina;6 others were
established at New York University and at Boston University.7
5 Ibid.
Battle, History of the University of North Carolina, II, 191f. See also statement
of Dr. T. H. Pritchard, Biblical Recorder, September 21, 1881, that Deems got the
idea of the Deems Fund from the Denmark Fund. A like statement from Denmark is
found in Dr. Gorrell's pamphlet.
Gorrell. op. cit., pp. 15ff which Mr. Denmark tells in some detail of the
establishment of the Deems' Fund.
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