Reopening and Reorganization 7
take no part in the work, and at a meeting of the Board in. the
following October offered his formal resignation as a member of the
faculty.8 Although the meeting of the faculty was held at the house of
President Wingate, he did not for a year take up active work as
president and teacher. This was doubtless partly due to the fact that
for a year or more there were no students ready for his
It is
also probable that he felt under obligation to continue his work as
pastor of his three churches, those at Franklinton and Oxford in
addition to that at Wake Forest, in which relationship he had been for
several years and in which he. continued until the close of 1866.
Besides he was doing much preaching in evangelistic
power as a preacher was now recognized even beyond the bounds of
North Carolina; Columbian College, now George Washington
University, at its commencement, June 28, 1865, when the guns of the
Civil War had hardly ceased to roar, had graciously conferred upon
him the degree of Doctor of Divinity, his diploma, which is now in
the archives of the College, being signed by G. W. Samson, President
of the College, and by James L. Edwards, President of the Board of
Trustees. For this honor Wingate had without his knowledge been
recommended by President D. L. Swain of the University of North
Carolina. With characteristic modesty Wingate wrote a letter
declining the honor, but as publication had already been made he had
to be content with the greatness thrust upon him.11 Soon after this
Wingate became associate editor of the Biblical Recorder, often
writing and signing his article "W."
Though in hearty sympathy with the plan of the Board and faculty
in reopening the College, and though he himself at times attended the
meetings of the faculty, indications are not wanting that he himself
was reluctant to return to the active duties of the presidency. This the
Board earnestly requested at their meeting, May 26,
So far
was Wingate from complying with this
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