Wingate 153
and home, happy in either, and longing for both, we are as near the
state of bliss as the world permits. Rejoice in the Lord; and again I
say, Rejoice. Yes, happier and happier the nearer our home."
During the school years that followed, 1877-78, and until his death
in February, 1879, there was no improvement in Dr. Wingate's health,
though he continued in his work as president of the College and
teacher of the course in his department, and at the same time served
the church as
He attended several associational meetings and
was at the meeting of the Baptist State Convention in Charlotte in
November, 1878. In the next month, in a letter to the Biblical
Recorder, he reported a revival at the College, in which he was
assisted by Dr. McDonald of
His last letter to the Biblical
Recorder was dated January 1, 1879, and was on routine matters, and
expressing hope that the new students coming at the opening of the
second term on January 15 would be numerous. In a letter dated Janu-
ary 16, the second day of the term, Professor L. R. Mills reported 102
students and Dr. Wingate smiling. On January 21, Dr. Wingate was
able to come to the College Chapel and marry Mr. J. C. Caddell to
Miss Bettie S. Brooks, daughter of Dr. W. T. Brooks, which was
perhaps his last appearance in public.4 From about the first of
February he was confined to his home, but of his last days and end let
Professor Mills tell, for he was with him:
A few weeks afterwards he was taken quite sick with pleurisy. No one except his
immediate family was allowed to see him. Thursday afternoon, February 27, 1879,
the doctor sent us word that he was dying. All the members of the faculty went to
his bedside. Professor W. B. Royall asked him how it was with him-if the Saviour
was still precious to him. Dr. Wingate said, "Oh, I did not know that it could
In this period the Record Book of the Wake Forest Church shows he was
frequently absent from the prayer meetings and business meetings of the church.
Biblical Recorder, December 25, 1878. "We have just closed a rich feast. Some
twenty-six citizens and students have professed faith in Christ."
Biblical Recorder, February 5, 1879.
5 ”My Recollections of Dr. W. M. Wingate," N. C. Baptist Historical Papers,
111, 203.
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