Wingate 161
"It was meet that such a life should be crowned by a beautiful and
glorious death, and we are grateful that our Father in heaven so
ordered it in his case. His wife told me that the day he died was the
happiest day of his happy life.
"All that day his face shone as did that of Moses when he came
from the presence of God in the mount, and when the supreme hour
came the glory of God overshadowed that sacred chamber where the
good man met his fate. I felt it to be there two days after his death, as
I talked with his stricken wife and bereaved children, and heard them
praise God for giving and taking such a husband and father." 13
From obituary account in the Biblical Recorder of March 5, 1879. I have
omitted from this account a statement of his last words which is essentially that of
Professor Mills above. I have looked closely into the accounts of his last days and
hours by those who were eye-witnesses, among them Professor W. B. Royall and
Dr. Leroy Chappell, his physician, whose statements were repeated to me by his
son, the late Arthur Chappell. They all are in essential agreement with what is told
in the text, with the latter adding that for several days before his death Wingate
would break out with declarations that his Lord was present in such a way as one
could not tell whether he was speaking from physical or spiritual vision, and was
surprised that those in the room were not as aware as he himself of His presence.
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