Born March 29, 1858 Died July 10, 1911 Assistant Professor of
Languages, Wake Forest College, 1888-91 Professor of Latin, Wake
Forest College, 1891-1911

Professor Carlyle loved Wake Forest with a love that surpassed the
comprehension of the average person. He had a passion for the
College. I do not remember ever to
have engaged him
in conversation
any length of time
without his discussing some
way of helping Wake
Forest. In Seminary Latin, when we
were alone in
the classroom,
more than once he closed Seneca's Moral Essays before the hour was
over and spent the rest of the period
talking over things pertaining to
the welfare of the College. I doubt if many men are capable of loving
a college or an institution of any kind with
a personal love
like that
with which Professor Carlyle loved Wake Forest. He was continually
bringing rich gifts to his Alma Mater in the shape of money for
buildings and for endowment and, as his best gift possibly, the good
will of
For it is true
Professor Carlyle
was the
connecting link between the College and the people. of the State.-G.
T. Stephenson in the "Carlyle Memorial" number of The Wake Forest