166 History of Wake Forest College
second story rooms in the wings were given to the Societies, the south
room to the Euzelians and the north to the Philomathesians.2
Major J. M. Heck and Mr. John G. Williams were formally thanked
for the new building in long resolutions, and it was voted that the first
floor of the south end should be named Heck Hall, and that of the
north end Williams Hall; the recent death of one of the donors, Mr.
John G. Williams, was noted, and Mrs. Williams was given the
privilege of educating her sons at the College free of charges for
The chief concern at this time, however, was the election of a
president. At their second session on June 10, the Trustees elected Dr.
Henry McDonald for the place, but on the next day Dr. Donald
indicated by telegram that he would not accept, whereupon the
Trustees chose Rev. E. T. Winkler, D.D., who had once been pastor at
Wilmington, but was now at Marion, Alabama. The salary of the
president was fixed at
Dr. Winkler did not immediately make his decision, but after a few
days he wrote declining the place. This made necessary a called
meeting of the Board, which assembled in Raleigh on July 17, 1879,
and chose Dr. Thomas Henderson Pritchard as president, at the salary
already fixed, $2,000 per
Dr. Pritchard accepted the place
with some warm words, and resigned his place as a member of the
Board. His inauguration was set for September 3, following.6
Of Dr. Pritchard's fitness for the place there could be no doubt. A
modest summary of his life to this period as told by himself
is as
Thomas Henderson Pritchard was born in Charlotte, North
Carolina, February 8, 1832; baptized by Dr. W. T. Brooks in 1849, at
Wake Forest; was graduated from Wake Fcrest College in 1854;
delivered the valedictory; served the College as tutor half his Senior
year; served as agent of the College for one year
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Dr. Pritchard's salary as pastor was $3,000.
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